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German GUI
ACE is an high quality Amstrad CPC/CPC+ emulator written by Philippe "OffseT" Rimauro. It is avaliable for MorphOS only.

ACE is not based on any existing emulator and was coded from scratch, using a real CPC a reference; it is written in C language and its GUI is based on MUI 4.

The current version of ACE is still at an early stage, nevertheless, almost all the games and demos are working perfectly; actually, the quality of the emulation is already often superior to what the existing big CPC emulators on PC/Windows can produce.


  • Amstrad CPC and Amstrad Plus range emulation,
  • Very high quality emulation of Z80, chipsets and synchronisation,
  • Support for all DSK types & SNA,
  • Up to 256 expansion ROMs,
  • Up to 512KB of extended memory.
  • Full screen and overlay display modes,
  • Memory editor window,
  • Z80 editor window,
  • CRTC editor window,
  • Gate Array analyzer window,
  • PSG analyzer window,
  • CTM synchonization status information window,
  • Breakpoints management,
  • Powerfull set of AREXX commands for cross-development or any remote operation on the emulator.
  • And more...

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