Agent X II: The Mad Prof's Back

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Agent X II by Mastertronic
Title: Agent X II
Company: Mastertronic
Type: 2D Shoot-em up
Year: 1987
No of Players: 1
Language: English



The mad professor has returned, seeking revenge after you foiled his plan to capture the President.

This time he is out to ruin the world economy. He has set up an underground base on the moon. From this hide out, he is planning to unleash his terrible Zit-Ray.

This hideous device causes everybody to break out in terrible terminal acne. The mad prof's plans that, with spending so much money on spot remover cream - which due to the terrible effects of the Zit-Ray will not work anyway - the economy will be in ruins, as no-one will have any money left for essentials.

Only you, the super sleuth, Agent X can foil the potty professor's perfect plan.

You must away to the Moon, fight your way past wacky Waglots, enter the sinister secret sub-surface stronghold and surprise the scientist in a single stupendous showdown for supremacy.

Destroy the dastardly device and free the faces from festering follicies.

The world relies on you...

Game Play

The game is broken up into 3 separate parts: Part 1, a sideways scrolling shoot 'em up. The aim here is to kill the big end of level baddie (a Huge brain). Part 2, a vertical shoot 'em up with the goal of collecting computer codes and logging onto to terminals and Part 3, which is a bat & ball game - where you move the bat side ways to bounce the ball up into the bricks to clear them all.

Note: This game is a sequel to Agent X which was not released for the CPC range even though on the back of the cover it clearly states "The second encounter between Super Sleuth Agent X and his old adversary, The Mad Professor. There is no peace. Even though you foiled the Mad Prof's attempts to kidnap the President, you failed to defeat him totally.... long awaited sequel to the classic Agent X".

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